Learn Chinese in China

Full Immersion Program

The full immersion program includes everything you need in order to familiarize yourself with China and Chinese culture. We provide accommodation in an attractive part of the city, an internship with a local company matched to your interests and skills, Chinese classes to help ease your daily life in China and cultural activities to make your time in China truly enjoyable. With the Full Immersion Program you are giving yourself optimal conditions to benefit from your China experience, both personally and professionally.

Course description
With our experienced teachers you will find yourself learning Mandarin Chinese much faster than you thought possible. We have classes for all levels and for all types of learners. Want to study in a group class? With a private tutor? At your office? We have the perfect program for you!

At IntuuChina classes always center around you and your teaching needs. We adjust the level of the class to fit your current skills as well as your ambitions. Let us know what your goal is, and our teachers will help you reach it.

Tuition fee

All our classes are competitively priced to ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your money. Moreover, the longer you stay the better the price. Below you can see the monthly cost as well as total cost for your Mandarin Chinese program with us.

Our full immersion program includes accommodation, support and Chinese lessons tailored to your needs.

2 weeks: 1382 Euros
3 weeks: 1909 Euros
1 month: 2424 Euros
2 months: 4396 Euros
3 months: 6050 Euros
4 months: 7523 Euros
5 months: 9262 Euros
6 months: 10638 Euros

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Tailor made program
Do you have specific requests? An upcoming HSK exam? A business meeting to prepare for? A course exam you need to pass? We can tailor a program for you based on your requirements. Let us know what you need and how much time you have, and we will create the perfect program for you.

One on one lessons
For more intensive learning, you can sign up for one-on-one lessons with our teachers. This is especially helpful if you are looking to improve your Mandarin extra quickly or if you have special requirements for your classes that don’t match well with group classes. One-on-one lessons can either be an addition to your group classes or can be a program in itself.

Corporate training
As a professional in China, you are not only in a different cultural environment, you are in an environment where your existing language skills might not be enough for your business needs. Some things just don’t translate well, so being able to speak to your clients and partners in their native language will prove a great advantage. We cater to all levels of corporate learners, whether you are newly arrived in China and need to learn the very basics of the language or you are a veteran who is now looking to take your Mandarin Chinese to the next level.

Why choose us
At IntuuChina we have already helped over 200 people to find their way in China. We know first hand the challenges you might face and we know how to overcome them. Get in touch, tell us what you are looking for and our team will do our outmost to make all your China dreams come true.