Bibiana Rocha

IntuuChina staff was highly committed to my success in China, helping me to overcome the barriers and achieve my goals. They helped me a big time before arriving to Shanghai and while I was there. I first got to Shanghai to study Chinese in a language school for three months. I completely felt in love with the city, I was able to get around after a while and get the basic things I needed before starting my internship and quickly make new contacts. I’d highly recommend IntuuChina!

Ancare Velasco

In my country of origin, I could not get interesting work opportunities. Due to the stagnant labor market in European countries, the opportunities were almost inexistent, not very interesting and had little responsibility. My internship in Shanghai started in March through IntuuChina and until now I have tried to learn, work hard and enjoy this wonderful city. I am very thankful for the chance IntuuChina has given me, for their support along the way and for providing me the opportunity to be part of their program.

Laurent Lapaire

In just two words: great service! I came to Shanghai 6 months ago and Intuuchina found me a challenging internship in a Chinese consulting company. Whenever I had an issue regarding my job or my situation, they took time for me to find th e best solution for my needs. They even made me feel at home, even if this country was completely unfamiliar, especially during the first months. I strongly recommend IntuuChina to anyone who wants to improve their professional career.