About us

Who are we?

IntuuChina is a Shanghai-based privately held staffing and recruiting company which was co-founded in 2012 by three young Spanish entrepreneurs. We operate within the employment and recruiting agencies industry attracting young talent worldwide to come to China. Therefore, we have three major areas of business: internship provider, head-hunting and consulting services. IntuuChina has been set up under the laws and administration of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.

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IntuuChina's first priority is to help individuals and organizations make a smooth and successful transition to China, and fulfil your goals. To this end, we will guide you along your own path in China by putting the most valuable resources that are in our hands at your disposal: an energetic team with real experience in China. Take the most out of your time in China and turn it into a rewarding experience.


IntuuChina intends to change the focus of young professionals and promote entrepreneurial activities. We believe that adding China to young professionals’ career will allow them to build up a successful professional career and get a strong entrepreneurial mindset. Therefore, IntuuChina aims to be a referent for its followers and supporters, and to be remembered in time.


Since young start-up founders are energetic, enthusiastic, creative, innovative, self-starter but sometimes inexperienced, this fact has led IntuuChina team to choose carefully the values that they want to represent or be associated with. IntuuChina is strongly committed with the following values: effort, commitment, ambition, perseverance, uniqueness, optimism, open-mind and proactivity.

What do we offer?

On the one hand, we offer tailor-made internship and study programs in China to university students, recent graduates and young professionals, worldwide. We offer not only souless internship placements in the most demanded sectors and industries in China, but also the opportunity to get mentored by an expert within your fields of interest with long exposure in China. Our study programs focus on university studies and Chinese language courses. On the other hand, we are also acting as a consulting and head-hunting firm for those organizations looking to expand their business or outsource their recruitment processes in China. Our consulting services aim to help entrepreneurs and organizations with the WFOE establishment in the PRC, brand registration and business plan development.

What makes us different?

By all means, our team is what makes us different. Our team consist of four young entrepreneurs who are globally minded and thrilled to help companies and individuals get what they expect to achieve in China. This team is committed and dedicated to providing you with a set of custom tailored services that will add a real value and a competitive edge to future professional career. Above all, it is our enthusiasm, energy, willingness and the ability to help you get what you want in China what really makes us different. We’re also passionate about what we do and we believe that connecting you to China through our services is the smartest way to find your path to come to China. In turn, this will launch your future career and allow you to get a strong entrepreneurial mindset. We work for what we believe in.


Ancare Velasco

In my country of origin, I could not get interesting work opportunities. Due to the stagnant labor market in European countries, the opportunities were almost inexistent, not very interesting and had little responsibility. My internship in Shanghai started in March through IntuuChina and until now I have tried to learn, work hard and enjoy this wonderful city. I am very thankful for the chance IntuuChina has given me, for their support along the way and for providing me the opportunity to be part of their program.

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Bibiana Rocha

IntuuChina staff was highly committed to my success in China, helping me to overcome the barriers and achieve my goals. They helped me a big time before arriving to Shanghai and while I was there. I first got to Shanghai to study Chinese in a language school for three months. I completely felt in love with the city, I was able to get around after a while and get the basic things I needed before starting my internship and quickly make new contacts. I’d highly recommend IntuuChina!

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Laurent Lapaire

In just two words: great service! I came to Shanghai 6 months ago and Intuuchina found me a challenging internship in a Chinese consulting company. Whenever I had an issue regarding my job or my situation, they took time for me to find th e best solution for my needs. They even made me feel at home, even if this country was completely unfamiliar, especially during the first months. I strongly recommend IntuuChina to anyone who wants to improve their professional career.

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Meet IntuuChina

Global minded people who believe in the effort, team-work and the will as the most valuable way to achieve one’s own goals make up IntuuChina community, a community that thrives to connect international professionals to China and create links between people from all cultures. May it be for a short time internship in shanghai, a bachelor degree combined with internship experiences, or starting an entrepreneurial adventure, we know what it takes to make your experience in China, the best experience for your future in terms of a professional career. What are you waiting for? Meet IntuuChina team by filling our quick contact form and get information or directly apply to get your chances in one of our position for an internship in china.